Why choose the “San Paolo” archiepiscopal college?  

Safety of our hosts come first!

No time constraints.
Without ever losing sight of our mission

We create networks of people.
The community spirit creates lasting bonds of friendship and professionalism.

Who we are

San Paolo is an Archiepiscopal Boarding School. Three are its main characteristics.

that is a community life place for 126 students coming from all italian regions. Students are enrolled at the various Milanese Universities. First requirement is therefore a friendly appreciation of community life, friendship, sharing, mutual cooperation and co-responsibility. In order to be admetted, useful are membership life experiences in youth organizations or in one’s own parish. Those who are just looking for an accomodation shouldn’t come to San Paolo.

therefore requiring a good intellectual equipment allowing to face demanding studies such as are those of milanese Universities. Important, in order to be admitted, are the State exam grade and the last year secondary school report.

that is initiative of  the Milan Church for the whole young people’s education. It isn’t therefore lacking in both cultural and spiritual reflection suggestions. Liturgic Celebrations come along with the most important moments of the year, Out suggestion is addressed to the freedom of those young people who are sharing or are opened to the values we are suggesting.

Our Mission

With our colleges we want to promote hospitality and guidance towards off-site students. We wish for the life in the college, whilst respecting the personal feelings and stories, to be an environment in which people can grow according to Christian values, an environment that promotes cultural and civil enrichment together with instilling a sense of responsibility.
The educational assortment defines the guidance for the work in the colleges and it is meant for the students, teaching bodies (directors, spiritual assistants, lecturers) and collaborators, for everyone’s specific responsibility and skills.

Where we are

San Paolo Boarding School started its activity on 7th January 1966, by express wish of Cardinal Montini (then Pope Paul VI) carried out by the successor Giovanni Colombo. It is located in Brera, a Milan district whose name comes from Via Brera, crossing the external downtown sector to Piazza della Scala, and from the Picture Gallery palace, renowed for its prestigious collection of ancient and modern works of art.

The figures and the clubs that, since the nineteenth century, have gravitated around the Academy of Art have made Brera one of the most typical city districts. After the fading of the bohémien artists’ age, today it has become a very refined district.

The Boarding School is located in Via Statuto, 100 metres far froma “Moscova” green line (2) metro station, allowing to easily reach Polytechnic, both Piazza Leonardo and Bovisa’s head offices, and Catholicand Public Universities. It takes almost half an hour to reach Bocconi University, the second Bicocca Public University, IULM and San Raffaele Life and Health University. by just three steps of the same metro line you can reach the Central Station.

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